Under Vehicle Scanning System

Under Vehicle Scanning System


The Under Vehicle Imaging System (AAGS) is designed to be used in military units where security requirements are high, in public institutions and at entry control points of private organizations that attach importance to safety.

Under Vehicle Imaging System AAGS reflects the image of the lower part of the vehicle to be displayed on the screen, making it more practical and safe to control this region which is difficult and inadequate to view by conventional methods. It is possible that these photos are automatically saved and archived whenever requested.

In addition, the Under Vehicle Imaging System AAGS also records the external image of the vehicle and the plate image, allowing the user to access backward information

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Technicial Specifications

AATB : Vehicle Scan Unit (Underground Unit)

  • Protection Class : IP-66
  • Durability: Impact, load, anti-fog protection
  • Camera Type : Line-Area Scan  Colored/Black-White
  • Resolution: 5MP
  • Speed: 60 km/h scan all transitions up to speed
  • Size: Scan tool of any length
  • Lighting: White Power LED Array


A PT B : License Plate Recognition Unit

  • Camera Type : 1/2.7″ Progressive-Scan RGB CCD
  • Resolution: 5,0 Megapiksel
  • Light Sensitivity : Day/Night
  • Reading Plate : To be able to read military and civilian boards
  • Vehicle Front Lighting : Infrared Power LED Array


AGRB : Vehicle Display and Reporting Unit

  • PC : i7 Cpu, 8GB RAM, 1GB Graphics Card, 2 TB HDD
  • Monitör : 23″ Led Monitor
  • UPS : 3KVA, Full-Online time to support more than 10 minutes
  • OS : Windows 10


SKEB : System Control and Energy Unit

  • Full Power Feed : <=30


Download Plate Recognition Specification


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