Main body and tripod arms are made of stainless steel, other parts and parts are galvanized resistant to corrosion.

Bi-directional, one-way switchable if desired.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the mobile modules can be easily removed and maintained.

With the shelf system located under the cover, the control card can be easily installed into the tourniquet.

Cheap and fast spare parts thanks to 100% domestic design and production, tripod locking in inlet / outlet direction is provided with solenoids.

The locking occurs when the solenoids are drawn. In emergency situations, the system is energized and free input-output is provided.

Turnstile mechanism and control circuits are working with 24VDC.

No high voltage was used on the turnstile for safety reasons.

Turnkey power consumption is 30W.

After the turning of the turnstile mechanism in one direction, the next position is provided automatically and softened by means of the spring loaded and hydraulic shock absorber.

The softened movement of the tripod arms is provided by the pre-adjustable hydraulic shock absorber.

Thus, sudden bumps are prevented and silent operation is ensured.

The connection of the turnstile to the place is facilitated by a special place connection. The ground connection is designed to be attached to the floor independently to prevent any leaks to the cable ducts.

There are one status light on both sides. A green arrow indicates that the turn is open to passage, and a red cross indicates that the passage is closed.

Controlled buzzer from the electronic access control system is provided by the loudspeaker in the system.

The turnstile control card generates “transition completed”, “transition complete” signals.

All corners and edges of the system are rounded for safety.

There are stainless steel pedestrian routing accessories with stainless steel elevated base modules for ease of assembly and wiring.

Barcode, magnetic, proximity and TOM etc on turnstile. Readers can be installed, as well as coin-operated models available.

Turnstiles designed, Turkey conditions and suitable for use were to be made of the principle of movement modules and easily changeable parts.

The resulting product is transported hundreds of thousands of times a day at public transport stations; under damp conditions on scaffolds; It has been used in distant factories and it has been developed continuously.

The turnkeys, which are currently mounted in hundreds and tested under the toughest conditions, can be used in factories, stadiums, business centers, schools, dining halls, in short, all controlled transitional areas.


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