Smart Card Reader

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Smart Card Reader

ACS-567 Hand Terminal
Model: ACS•567
Voltage and Power: 5 V DC, 5W
Battery Type and Power: 3,7V 3200 mAh Li-lon
Battery Filling Time: 7 hours
Battery Run Time: 24 hours
Working Temperature: -30 +70 °C
Communication Type: USB High Speed
Communication Speed: 480 Mbits
RFID Card Frequency: 13,56 MHz
RFID Card Type: Standard lSO I 4443A, (Optional) ISO 15693 TSK Smart Cards (contactless and contact hybrid card that have 32 and 80 KB microprocessor (thirty-two and eighty) can read contact and contactless sections. Card reading distance is between 1-5 cm.
Audio Warning: There is a buzzer on the device. It notifies various operations with an audio warning.
Screen: 240 x 320 pixels 3,5inch 262 K Color IPS LCD Screen. Angle of view is free. Visible from every angle. Visible in daylight. Message can be written in 20 lines and 20 characters. Maximum 40 lines and 40 characters are supported.
Keypad: 12 + 1 Keys
SAM Slot:
There is a SAM slot on the device. It is suitable for application development about SAM Slot.
Security: The device, understands and stops working when the hatch is opened, with the help of the switch that is in it. Once the hatch is opened even after it is closed the device won’t work. All data stored in the device is encrypted with 3DES application. Each device has a 128-bit unique serial number consisting of chips that are used in production. The tracking of the device is done with this ID.
Date Time Information: There is a real time control -whole circuit- on the device. The time and date setting functions are controlled via the control computer.
User Information: The personnel information is uploaded to the device via the control computer. In offline work, 3,000,000 (three million) non-picture personnel can be added as a black list. At the same time, 3,000,000 (three million) illustrated personnel information can be added as a whitelist. The transfer time of the 3 million units of black list to the device takes approximately 15 seconds. The transfer time of the 3 million white lists with pictures (160 X160 Pixels 24bit Jpeg) takes about 30 minutes. All data uploaded to the device is encrypted with the 3DES algorithm.
How It Works: It works offline according to the black list and white list information installed into the device. Each card information entered by contact or non-contact is searched first in the black list and then in the white list and the results are transferred to the user.
Event Information: The device has a total of 32 GB of memory. Every card information that is scanned on the device is stored in the device memory. The device has 1,048,576 black list recording capacity, 1,048,576 white list recording capacity, totaling 2,097,152 recording capacity. All kept record information is also encrypted with the 3DES algorithm.
Size: 211 mm x 103 mm x 40 mm
Mounting: The device is designed for manual use. It does not require to mount.
Warranty: The company has a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects. The device must be used with the original USB cable and charging device.


ACS-551 Mifare card reader access control system is designed to be used in applications like personnel attendance systems, e-wallet applications, dining hall control systems.

The ACS-551 Mifare card reader has RS232, RS485 and TCP IP communication infrastructure. RS232 connection is used when close to PC and it is for singular applications. RS485 is used in multiple applications at long distances. TCP IP eliminates the limit and the device can be accessed from anywhere where the internet is available.

The ACS-551 Mifare card reader has a 128×64 pixel blue LCD on it. Users can upload their own company logo and other graphics they have prepared.

The ACS-551 Mifare card reader is available both online and offline. If the control computer is enabled, all authorization and registration operations are made by the control computer. If the PC is disabled, the device will continue to operate according to the information that is installed in it. This product can also be used in special projects for Mifare card-related monetary applications.

The personal information on the ACS-551 Mifare card reader is installed into the device via the control computer. All information such as personnel card numbers, personnel name and surname, personnel type entry and exit privileges are installed to the device via the control computer. 18,000 personnel can be registered.

The ACS-551 Mifare card reader has a total of 4 Mbytes of memory. The card information scanned on the device is stored in the device memory. A total of 172032 motion records can be recorded. This information can be reported on the PC using the control computer.


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