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Bft Difference in Door Motor

Providing motorized doors, spare parts and other services like that, Bft produces solutions with the same performance every day of the year. Door motors, which do not cause problems in high temperatures and low temperatures, operate with the same performance under all weather conditions, have practical, effective and useful features. The service actions and spare parts of this motors, which are designed unique to the weight of the door, are also done by the Bft. These motors, which have different features in terms of working speed, have professional design features and they are efficient products.

Door Automation

All the motors that are sold in the category of shutters, sliding doors and garage doors are efficient products with the capacity to work electrically. These motors, which have easy and efficient features to use, differ in working time and have a safety photocell. Remote controlled options are preferred for these motors which are equipped with safety features and professional features. Sliding doors which are very heavy used at the factory entrance, are easily opened because of these small motors. The sliding door options, which are connected to the impeller system and which are wheeled, are easily opened because of these practical motors. NİSA AUTOMATION, which brings motorized door services to all provinces, brings a professional solution options for motorized door sector. For all motorized door options; installation, spare parts and repair work is done by our company.

Current and Efficient Usage Options

These motors have renewed features that pose no problem in the category of service and spare parts. Motor models, which have different features in terms of operating capacity, have the option of product with electric features. All the tests performed in the Bft engine category reveals the quality of the door. Bft motor solutions, which have efficient usage features, provided with part support. In the repair, maintenance and repair category, all efficient solutions are carried out. Our company, which produce special design features, has been working on new studies in this category with new engine options. Our motorized door options, which differ according to door weight and door usage function, produce an efficient solution for all companies.


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