Circular Photocell Doors

Circular Photocell Doors



The child, who is completely jam-safe and switches during the turn according to the set torque, stops at the moment when he / she is in contact with the person. Upon request, the electronic card will stop returning to the amount entered. It’s very safe.

Glasses Tempered type is baked glass. During impact; unbreakable, unbearable, unbreakable, only in very strong bumps. It certainly does not hurt the person who multiplied it.


In case of an emergency, it is possible to contact the fire detectors or any dry contacts to ensure that the wings are in good condition. All the wings spontaneously fold and release the pass to free.


Electro-static powder paint can be painted with the desired color choice according to each architecture. Powder coatings are antibacterial. Microbes do not hold dust because of this hospital. they may be preferred for use in clean environments.

According to the architecture, aluminum parts of revolving doors can be painted with wood, antique paint, marble paint.


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