Arm Barrier

Arm Barrier


It is usually used in car parks or in facilities requiring high security.
Applicable product options are available for all input-output operating densities.
It is resistant to environmental conditions. With the right choice of product, a working temperature range of -30 ° C to + 55 ° C can be achieved.
The barrier opening time varies between 1 and 10 seconds depending on the arm length and the selected mechanism.
Available in 24 V or 220 V operating range.
Supply and installation time varies between 2 and 6 working days, depending on the product specifications requested.
The desired color can be manufactured.
It works with electromechanical system. It is controlled by remote control and button.
It is suitable for any kind of electronic access control system.
The motor can be turned on and off manually by switching the motor off in case of power failure.

Mechanism Options:

Standard Mechanism: For parking lots, 2-5 mt arm length, 3-6 seconds opening time
Industrial Mechanism: 6-8 mt arm length for large factory entrances, 6-10 seconds opening time
High Speed ​​Mechanism: Highway barrier, 2-4 meters arm length, opening time of 1-4 seconds

Attachable / Interchangeable Features:

  • Led sleeve
  • Rubber under the arm
  • Under arm curtain
  • Reflector arm band
  • Circular arm
  • Rectangular arm
  • Arm restraint
  • Walking foot
  • Battery
  • Remote control-button
  • Warning and information sheets


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